I Smile with Iris


Every February, there is Iris’ Birthday and Rare Disease Day and we need your help to contribute to research!  Join us by donating in her honor and or joining us in fundraising for GM1 Gangliosidosis research by supporting our nonprofit Cure GM1!

Read About All the Ways to Help


  • Purchase “I Smile with Iris” t-shirts!  Buy some shirts and wear them and tell Iris’ story!  Better yet, take a picture and post on social media with a Facebook fundraiser and/or link  to curegm1.org for donations.  Many colors and styles are available!
  • Make a Facebook Fundraiser for the Cure GM1 Foundation in Iris’ honor for her birthday 2/19 and Rare Disease Day 2/28.  Regularly post from 2/18-2/28 and ask for support. FBFundraiser
  • Watch her Facebook page for more information and videos and share those and/or donate either through curegm1.org, Facebook, or PayPal.