Art for Iris

Be creative!  Show your support  for Iris and for a cure for GM1 through the Arts.

If you are interested in donating art, we will still gladly accept auction items for a future.  We held our first auction and it was amazing!  We are so grateful!

Iris loves art.  She loves to dance, sing, and to draw.  Iris also has an appreciation for quilting since Iris’ Grandma is a wonderful quilter.

Her drawings are some of our very most precious possessions.


Sadly, Iris’ doctors told us that her speech will likely be the first ability that she entirely loses, at which point she will be unable to speak, let alone sing.  She is also slowly losing her fine motor skills and her ability to write and draw.

Participate, Share, Donate

  1. Get inspired!  It might be nice to think about HOPE.
  2. Create a piece of artwork or perform.  Dedicate the art to a cure for GM1.
  3. Share the art itself or a picture or video of it.  Share Iris’ story with your friends, family, and colleagues.  Post your dedication and the art online and pass it on.
  4. Support the Art for Iris campaign.  Donate to a cure!

Just a few ideas…

There are so many wonderful art forms and possibilities.

Donate Your Art for Auction

If you are willing to ship and donate a treasured work of art,  please feel free to contact us for more information on contributing art for auction.  Otherwise, donations of works of art may be sent to the following address: Sweet Iris, PO Box 6890, Albany, CA 94706

5 thoughts on “Art for Iris”

    1. Hi, We are so appreciative of your support! Thank you. At this time, the first auction is a private function, but should there be another public one, we will surely let you know. Thank you so much.


    1. Hi there,
      We post quite a lot on Facebook. If you would like, you can follow Sweet Iris on there.
      Otherwise, she is hanging in there as best she can.


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